Studies “ Eisenhower Medical Center

In 2009 the Eisenhower Medical Center in La Quinta, California was facing a serious problem. The Coachella Valley Water District would not allow discharging chemically treated water into the district™s water treatment system. As a result, the 93,000 square foot hospital was faced with constructing a holding pond or tank, at a cost of more than $250,000.

Aerial view of the Eisenhower Medical Center
near Palm Springs, California

Even with a pond or tank, the center still needed to get rid of the effluent water, and estimates put trucking and disposal costs at least $250,000 per year, according to administrators. The medical center discovered Descal-A-Matic as a viable alternative to chemically treating water for their surgery centers and other hospital uses and immediately recognized a huge savings and return on investment, including saving maintenance costs.

œSince the system was installed in September 2009 we have saved 75 percent of the water compared to chemical treatment, said Charles Morris, project manager for the center. œWe also use the discharged water in our irrigation system, so we really don™t lose any water once we buy it.