Products - SCI-62 Algicide / Bactericide

Algae Control

AT LAST¦ A safe, simple and quick method of solving decomposition and odor problems in Wastewater facilities.

Decomposition and Odor Control

Two of the principle concerns shared by waste water operators are the decomposition of solids and controlling the odors that decomposing organic materials create. The uncontrolled growth of algae contributes significantly to a waste water operator's problem by impeding the bacterial action that would normally solve decomposition and odor problems.

Descal-A-Matic Corporation is a distributor for a product called SCI-62. SCI-62 is the solution to many of the treatment problems faced by algae, improving decomposition and reducing odors in waste water facilities. SCI-62 is a liquid-copper water treatment registered with the EPA as an algicide/bactericide and certified with NSF to meet their ANSI/INF Standard 60 regulations as a drinking water additive.

SCI-62 is an Algaecide/Bactericide formulated with a unique non-chelated carrier. What makes this carrier so unique is its ability to hold the copper in suspension until there is a need for the copper ion. SCI-62 is used in a variety of applications from fresh water lakes, retention, and decorative ponds to water treatment facilities.

SCI-62® is registered as an algaecide/bactericide with the U.S. EPA, and certified to ANSI-NSF Standard 60 as a drinking water additive. SCI-62® can be applied before algae starts to bloom. Long-term control is possible without constant application, relieving concerns sediments may become contaminated from extended use of copper.

No water use restrictions

  • SCI-62 is an environmentally responsible water treatment that is non-toxic to humans and fish when used as directed.
  • No mixing or spraying required.
  • SCI-62 self-disperses both horizontally and vertically throughout the water column. Copper concentrations are easy to measure, providing the correct treatment rates for targeted species of algae and bacteria.


Apply SCI-62 to fish bearing ponds at a rate of (1) gallon of SCI-62 per 1,000,000 gallons of water. May be applied at ice out for early season prevention. Contact with algae will be improved by breaking apart heavy surface mats before application. Add Bio Boost Enzyme to the Tank Mix to increase the effectiveness of the algae treatment. Treat heavy infestations in sections to avoid oxygen depletion.

Estimation of water storage: Calculations as: Surface acres of pond (acres)** X average depth of pond (ft.) = estimation of pond volume (ft3). 1 cubic foot (ft3) = 7.48 gallons.

1 gal of SCI-62 in 1,000,000 gallons roughly equates to 1 gal SCI-62 per 3 acre/ft.** of water or 0.33 gal per 1 acre/ft. of water.

*Consult Label for Exact Doses & Important Application Directions.

** 1 acre = 43,560 ft2. 1 acre/foot = 328,000 gallons. Acre/feet are calculated as surface acres of pond X average depth. Example 148 ft. x 148 ft. = 0.5 acres. Average depth 4 ft. Acre/feet = 0.5 acres X 4 ft. = 2 acre/ft.

For Best Results

Begin application in spring as water temperature warms to 60º F and

above. Early treatment when growth first appears or before it begins

will reduce the amount of SCI-62 you will need. Early treatment will also reduce the amount of dead growt.

Control of algae “ not its eradication “ is the answer to a healthy waste water facility

SCI-62 gives you that kind of control. Control your waste water facility compliance requirements:

  • BOD reduction
  • TSS (Total Suspended Solids)
  • pH reduction of algae bloom
  • Fecal/Coliform reductions to compliance levels
  • Odor reduction by increasing bacteria action
  • Compliance standard

To determine the most effective and economical application of SCI-62® for your waste water facility, contact a representative at Descal-A-Matic Corporation.

SCI-62 is registered with the U.S. EPA.EPA Reg. No. 61943-1. EPA Est. No. 61943-IN-1. SCI-62 is Certified with ANSI/NSF. Certified as an Algicide and a Bactericide Standard 60 for drinking water additive.