How It Works - Diesel Fuel Treatment

The Fuel Saver unit from Descal-A-Matic improves the combustion efficiency in diesel powered equipment, resulting in improved performance, less diesel soot, reduced emissions, cleaner exhaust and a typical fuel cost savings of 10-20 percent. The unit is designed for use in marine, industrial and large transportation diesel fuel systems to reduce hydrocarbon emissions and build-up on engine components.

The Fuel Saver works by applying a magnetic force to diesel fuel as it flows through the unit. The magnetic fields affect the layout and structure of the hydrocarbon molecules. They then reach a higher energetic state, become more volatile and more likely to attract oxygen. In essence, by adding more oxygen to the combustion process, the fuel is burned more efficiently. The improved combustion then results in more energy produced, a better fuel economy and less emissions.

Typical Installation

The Fuel Saver is installed after the fuel filter, allowing fuel to circulate through the device many times before combustion.

Diesel Fuel Saver Benefits

Neches-Gulf Marine, Inc installed an FS-3 Fuel Saver model on the company's 65-foot (20 meters) tugboats, and on generators (gensets) of an 185-foot (56 meters) offshore supply vessel.

During the 18 months following installation, diesel fuel consumption levels dropped from an average of 36 gph (136 lph) to 31.5 gph (119 lph), a 12.5 percent savings. The savings covered the cost of the FS-3 Fuel Saver unit in less than 30 days!

RKP Transport - Australian Road Train operates between Brisbane and Perth, Australia, a distance of 6 317 miles (10 166 km). The company had reduced the original 625hp truck engines to 565hp to conserve fuel.

After installing the Fuel Saver, the owners restored the original horsepower AND also achieved greater than 16 percent savings in fuel use.

Goya Foods, Puerto Rico achieved a two-week payback after adding Fuel Savers on eight 300hp boilers. The units treat number six (#6) diesel fuel at the rate of 6 GPM (22.7 lpm), serving 52,416 gallons annually!

From Our Customers:

The small Fuel Saver unit was installed in a construction crane in St. Louis, MO and provided an average savings of 21.5 percent, and a return on investment in under 90 days.

- Alericci Enterprises.