Contacting Descal-A-Matic

Thank you for your interest in Descal-A-Matic. Our Corporate Headquarters is located at:

1514 Springmeadow Blvd
Norfolk, VA 23518

Phone: 757.858.5593
Fax: 757.858.3321

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From Our Customers:

"We have been using one Descal-A-Matic non-chemical water treatment unit for the main water supply line to our seafood restaurant and a second one to treat the water supplied to our bar. Before the installation, our Renaii hot water heaters had a problem of mineral scale deposits building up on the heating elements. That problem no longer exists. Glasses and utensils are clear and spotless since using the Descal-A-Matic treatment. Finally, our steam cookers no longer have scaling problems."

- William Millard, Captain George's Seafood Restaurant

Engineer's Recommendation


with the installation of Descal-A-Matic units a savings of

approximately $60,000 per year can be obtained through less water

bleed-off and the discontinuance of chemicals for the cooling towers and

the closed systems."

-- Bowman, Foster & Associates, PC, Consulting Engineers