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Can't find a Dealer or Distributor?
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International Dealers:

DrainCo Australasia

2/4 St James Place
Seven Hills NSW 2147
Ed Bradshaw
(O) 02 (0) 9620 7020
(F) 02 (0) 9624 1908

Taiwan R.O.C.

Pro-Service Marketing Co., Ltd.

Da-Ann District, Taipei
Office- 886-2-2700-3545
Mobile- 886-989-351-021
Office Fax 886-2-2700-3549

Exclusive Rep for:
Scandinavia: Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland
Non-Exclusive for: Other European Markets

A&H Enterprises DA

Heidi Hannisdal - Co-Founder/CEO
Agnar Hannisdal - Co-Founder/CBD
Prestlia 41, 3520 Jevnaker,Norway
Mobile: +47 6131 4565

New Zealand/Australia/Micronesia

Ron McCandlish
President, Gausstech Limited
75 Dunbars Road
Halswell 8025
Christchurch, New Zealand
+64 22 407 8583

Exclusive Rep for:
Non-Exclusive all other SA Countries
Terry Shephard

President, Shephard Technical Services
505 Ricardo Lyon, #1810
Providencia Santiago, Chile
Office: 1 (480) 721-9854