How it Works - Water Treatment

The Descal-A-Matic magnetic, non-chemical, environmentally green water treatment units prevent and/or eliminate hard water scale & corrosion problems in water handling systems. They are applicable to once-through systems as well as to re-circulating systems, including boilers, chillers, cooling towers, fountains, water features, supply lines and more.

The technology has been proven repeatedly over our four-plus decades in business and is supported by a number of studies. Our system is unique for treating scale and mineral deposits. The magnetic cores of the Descal-A-Matic Units are constructed with permanent magnets that were developed during the WWII era. They affect dissolved solids (minerals) in the water so that they lose their ability to plate out and form hard scale on heat exchange surfaces. This same effect dissolves away existing hard scale.

The minerals and dissolved solids (hardness) in the water are neutralized when they pass through these magnetic fields in our units, thereby losing their innate ability to attach to heat exchange surfaces and form typical hard scale deposits. This same effect will dissolve and remove existing elements of hard water scale over time. This is a vastly superior approach compared to external magnetic applications, which give poor results.

The Descal-A-Matic units are often used instead of conventional salt water softeners and chemical applications in main line water supply to buildings. We have found the unit can often eliminate the need for reverse osmosis units or enhance the effectiveness and membrane service life of RO systems.

In addition, Descal-A-Matic has been shown to reduce surface tension of the water by over 8%. The effect enhances the absorption process during irrigation and enhances plant growing processes. Numerous test using Descal-A-Matic in agriculture have shown dramatic results.The initial cost of these units is their ONLY cost - no chemicals to purchase and store - and the savings are significant. The only recommended maintenance is an easy process of removing the unit every 12 months for inspection and cleaning. The Descal-A-Matic Units last literally forever. Feel free to consult our corporate office or your local representative for any further details pertaining to your unique application.

For product and pricing information, please contact your nearest dealer or our corporate office.

Installation on a cooling tower system and central heat plant in a public housing complex:

"...unit is still operational and functional after 40 years of service."

-- Norfolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Commercial Unit


GPM Rating
1-50 gpm (3.8 to 190 lpm)

Unit Housing Diameters
3/4" - 2 1/2" (1.9 to 6.35 cm)

Industrial Unit


GPM Rating
60 - 200 gpm (227 to 760 lpm)

Unit Housing Core Diameters *
3'' - 4'' (7.62 to 10.16 cm)

* without the flange width