Descal-A-Matic Customer Testimonials

Below you'll find just a few of the many testimonials and thank you letters we receive from our customers.

Greater Cincinnati Surgery Center Saves Money and Time

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for your Descal-A-Matic system. For years our surgery center has been suffering not only financially but in time. We have battled with our sterilizing machines and humidifiers breaking down frequently due to scale problems. We spent over $20,000 in one year in repairs and parts.

I am so pleased to report that we have had no problems with either for the past six months. Our water pressure problems and our cost for salt have been completely resolved. With your Descal-A-Matic we have had no issues¦ As a matter of fact we were able to get rid of all of our filters, water softener systems and reverse osmosis system. That is incredible! We have had two preventative maintenance checks on our humidifiers and we are happy to report that we did not have any scale build up.
- Michelle Smallwood, Administrator, Greater Cincinnati Surgery Center

Houston, Texas Mobile Washing Business Sees Improvement in Equipment and Results

I wanted to write you a quick note saying how please we are with your water conditioning units. We have used the units on all of our mobile washing units during the past three years and have noticed two substantial improvements:

No rusting of internal parts, as had happened in the past.

A must "softer acting" water. Virtually no streaks or spots anymore.

We swear by the performance of the units and receive the benefits of soft water without the associated cost or inconvenience. Naturally, we were wary in the beginning, but seeing is believing and we are sold on their value and will continue to use them in the future on all of our units.
- Brian Peskin, President, Ultra Wash of Houston

ProEdge Services and Training of Waterford, CA Eliminates Chemicals and Reverses Buildup

As you know, the water hardness levels are 680+ ppm on the inlet water and at times have been over 750. With the installation of the new Descal-A-Matic system, the scale is completely under control without any chemicals and the scale that had begun to build up prior to the installation of the new Descal-A-Matic system was reversed with the system now running scale free.

Thanks again for the ongoing support from you and the team at Descal-A-Matic. I am happy to recommend this product and the support team that stands behind it.
- Chuck Denny, ProEdge Services and Training Inc., January 2015

City of Norfolk Public Schools: Using Descal-A-Matic and Discontinuing Chemicals Since 1984!

The other day you were asking about the history behind our use of the two Descal-A-Matic Magnetic Water Conditioners that we use for water treatment on our two 150 HP Bryan Water Tube Steam Boilers. For your information we purchased your product (2 Models DI-8120 (20 gpm / 75.7 lpm)) Magnetic Water Conditioners) in 1984 when we were informed that they would allow us to provide water treatment to our steam boilers without using chemicals. As you are aware, this building serves as a central food kitchen for the Norfolk Public Schools and we were concerned with using chemicals near where the food is being processed.

When the two Descal-A-Matic Units were installed in 1984, we discontinued the use of chemicals and the boiler tubes have remained completely free of scale. They contributed to a big reduction in boiler maintenance and since we have not had to purchase any chemicals in the last 19 years they have reduced operating costs drastically.

This letter is being written in my position as the Supervisor of the Boiler Plant.
- Greg Sykes, Supervisor, Boiler Plant

Louisiana Trucking Company Saves Money With Fuel Saver

"Concerning the differences in MPG before installing the Fuel Saver in one of our 2007 KW trucks with a Cummins Signature Engine and after installing your unit. The truck was averaging 4.1 to 4.2 MPG (57.4 to 56 l/100km) before installing. Now the same truck is averaging 5.2 to 5.3 MPG (45.2 to 44.38 l/100km). GIS runs 45-48 trucks per day, averaging 300 to 500 miles (483 to 805 km) each. We plan on purchasing a fuel saver for each vehicle."
- Roscoe Besson JR., GIS Oilfield Contractor

Yacht Installation Saves Fuel and Reduces Emissions

"I thought you would appreciate an update on the continuing performance of your two Fuel Saver units I installed on the fuel lines to the twin Detroit Diesel engines on my 80-foot (25 meters) Hatteras Motor Yacht. The Fuel Savers were installed in 1991 (it's now 2005) and have continued to give us measured fuel savings that average 10 percent and at the same time give us a marked reduction in noxious emissions from the exhausts. I have been very pleased with the lasting performance of the Fuel Savers."

- James Albano, Jr.

From Our Customers:

"We have been using one Descal-A-Matic non-chemical water treatment unit for the main water supply line to our seafood restaurant and a second one to treat the water supplied to our bar. Before the installation, our Renaii hot water heaters had a problem of mineral scale deposits building up on the heating elements. That problem no longer exists. Glasses and utensils are clear and spotless since using the Descal-A-Matic treatment. Finally, our steam cookers no longer have scaling problems."

- William Millard, Captain George's Seafood Restaurant

Engineer's Recommendation


with the installation of Descal-A-Matic units a savings of

approximately $60,000 per year can be obtained through less water

bleed-off and the discontinuance of chemicals for the cooling towers and

the closed systems."

-- Bowman, Foster & Associates, PC, Consulting Engineers

Diesel Fuel Saver Benefits:

Neches-Gulf Marine, Inc. installed an FS-3 Fuel Saver model on the company's 65-foot (20 meters) tugboats, and on generators (gensets) of an 185-foot (56 meters) offshore supply vessel.

During the 18 months following installation, diesel fuel consumption levels dropped from an average of 36 GPH (136 liters per hour) to 31.5 GPG (119 lph), a 12.5 percent savings. The savings covered the cost of the FS-3 Fuel Saver unit in less than 30 days!

RKP Transport - Australian Road Train operates between Brisbane and Perth, Australia, a distance of 10,166 km (6 317 miles). The company had reduced the original 625hp truck engines to 565hp to conserve fuel.

After installing the Fuel Saver, the owners restored the original horsepower AND also achieved greater than 16 percent savings in fuel use.

Goya Foods, Puerto Rico achieved a two-week payback after adding Fuel Savers on eight 300hp boilers. The units treat number six (#6) diesel fuel at the rate of 6 GPM (22.7 lpm), serving 52,416 gallons annually!