Smarter Water Treatment for Industrial Cooling Towers

Large commercial cooling tower systems can require a significant amount of maintenance and attention. Failing to maintain a cooling tower system leads to higher energy usage and ultimately higher energy costs. To avoid this scenario, businesses can benefit from using a chemical-free water treatment for a solution that is low on both cost and occupational hazards.

Cooling towers regulate temperature by removing heat from circulating water used to cool chillers, air-conditioning equipment or other process equipment. Heat is dispelled from the tower primarily through evaporation. Therefore, by design, cooling towers consume significant amounts of water.

Mineral scale buildup in cooling towers, chillers and system piping is a common challenge for many industrial water systems. Left unchecked or improperly treated, this buildup impedes performance, shortens mechanical lifetime and increases consumption of water and energy. Additionally, scale buildup provides an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Descal-A-Matic offers a chemical-free water treatment solution using specially engineered, high-grade magnets. The minerals and dissolved solids in the water are neutralized when they pass through these magnetic fields, thereby losing their innate ability to attach to heat exchange surfaces and form typical hard scale deposits. This same effect will dissolve and remove existing elements of hard water scale over time.

This is a vastly superior approach compared to external magnetic applications, which give poor results, and chemical solutions, which pose many risks both in the workplace and to the environment. Our customers have achieved significant savings and system longevity, and you can read how our systems have been implemented here.

The non-chemical of Descal-A-Matic installation is a one-time process that lasts for decades. To take advantage of their environmentally safe scale and corrosion solutions for your cooling tower system, call 757-858-5593 today to learn more or find a dealer near you.