Non-Chemical Water Treatment Is the Future

Chemical water treatments are standard practice in commercial and industrial water systems for minimizing mineral buildup caused by hard water. But chemicals leave a lot to be desired in terms of cost, efficiency and safety. Non-chemical treatments (like the Descal-A-Matic system) offer a solution to prevent mineral scaling, while addressing these three areas of concern:


Chemical solutions may have a seemingly smaller price tag up front, but there are more than just costs of the chemicals themselves involved in this method. Chemicals need to be monitored, replenished and stored properly. Non-chemical treatments are a one-time purchase, thus offering a more affordable solution over time. This is true even without the added costs of training employees on safe use of chemicals and providing proper storage and maintenance. Reducing maintenance interruptions of large boilers, cooling towers and other machinery translates to lower operating costs. Also, with your system operating free of chemicals, your facility will no longer be subject to high monthly charges for blow-down wastewater.


Time is a precious resource and whenever a business can perform a task with equal success in half the time it is a smart move. Chemical treatments need to be regulated continuously, used before their expiration dates, and routinely restocked as more chemicals are used. Non-Chemical treatments are installed, cleaned once a year and last for decades. Because there is room for human error with standard chemical applications, the results may also vary. Chemical-free solutions are consistent and require no measuring or guesswork.


The added risk of chemicals cannot be ignored, as the liability and potential for injury or cross-contamination can prove costly at best, and fatal at worst. On average, American workers suffer more than 190,000 illnesses and 50,000 deaths annually related to chemical exposures.1 Non-chemical water treatment options offer a sustainable solution that involves less risk to employees, the general public and the environment. Chemicals used in some settings can find their way into food and water sources, posing danger to the environment.

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1 This number is derived using the methodology from œGreen Chemistry in California: A Framework for Leadership in Chemicals Policy and Innovation, ( [PDF*]) to estimate illness and deaths attributable to workplace chemical exposures